The mosquitos are back.

Add that to the list of reasons I hate Florida.


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I beat Fallout New Vegas

I feel empty now. I’ve been running that character for like, 2 years now. He cheated death and then killed Legate Lanius with a laser rifle. I fucking love that game but I don’t really want to play it again. It’s weird. Anyway, that was my filler post about something I did 2 minutes ago. Bye.

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I Dissected a Potato

What you are looking at here is the inner-working of my computer. And whoever designed it needs to be kicked directly in the dick for reasons I’ll explain soon. You might notice the battery is missing and you’d be right. Here’s the battery separately.

Through a series of diagnostic tests we learned that the battery is fucked but so is most of everything in there. Everything was pretty much coated in dust so we took an air canister to it and got most of the dust out.

There was a lot of dust.

Anyway, the reason the designer needs a kick in the dick is because when the screen is opened up, you know, like a laptop, it covers half of the vent.

So I’m going to try and get both a new battery and a new power cord as the cord is FUCKED UP. I don’t have pictures of it so I’ll take some later.


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A Haiku

Haikus are boring

Why would you make me write this?

Shit makes me angry.
I’m actually not that angry so don’t worry about it. This is the easiest Haiku I could think of.

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A Few Words on the End of Days.

As you all know, Trump was inaugurated today.

I’m not very mad though. I’m just disappointed. I haven’t quite figure out who I’m disappointed in though. I guess everyone. I’m disappointed in the people who voted for him, the press who let him get this far, I’m disappointed in the man himself.

I am actually worried for the future of this country though. He’s very interested in nukes and stupid enough to admit sexual assault into a live mic. All this “planning” for the end is more of a coping mechanism with the inevitability with it all. He’s stupid enough to go bankrupt in the casino business. Yet, he’s intelligent enough to run a campaign by evading anything that could stop him and building his own army in the process.

We have systems designed to stop this from happening but they failed. And now we all have to deal with the consequences.

I honestly don’t know what the next four years will hold. They could even be amazing. However it goes, I’ll be here. Ranting about it.

With hope,


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I killed a man in cold blood

I found a new Unturned server recently. It’s Canada+, no KOS, shops, adventuring, you know, things I won’t die doing. And you get 30 XP cutting down a pine tree. My favorite weapon on the server is the Bluntforce so I try to have one as soon as I can. It scares people a bit, I think. Anyway. On this server, the admins can set bounties on people… because reasons. The bounty on this one was a guy who killed me when I got on by setting up a fucking sentry in a doorway. So he had a bounty on him for a sweet fucking Maplestrike. Adaptive chambering, Drum mag, cool shit. This guy had about 5 people next to him. So I caused a distraction. I had my friend go up on something and tell everyone he had an important announcement. So I turn off the safety, shoot him in the back of the head and fucking run. About halfway to my house I hear them yelling “Who was that! What just happened!” I told the admin I finished the bounty, I took my new gun, and I left before people found and shot me. So that’s the story of how I haven’t posted in over a week- I mean killed a man.

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In a Feat of Tired Stupidity

I may have ordered a Steam Link and Controller to my dad’s house. Someone who knows what they’re talking about may snicker at that, but it gets better! In a sarcastic way! I ordered it to the wrong house! My house number is 4435, I ordered t to 3345 accidentally! So isn’t that fun! But I spat in my own face with this. I also ordered a controller skin. It’s a cool CS:GO sort of lightningy  camo thing. Guess what I got in the mail the other day?

I’ve tried contacting Lord Gaben but the damn thing is overloaded! I guess people spam it or some shit because I can’t even submit a request for help.




Anyway. That was my ramble-tactic post of salt because it’s been over a week. If you guys can help, please do.


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