Ask me Shit!

I found out I didn’t already have this page so here you go.



39 Responses to Ask me Shit!

  1. alexm622 says:

    can u visit my site at

  2. alexm622 says:


  3. alexm622 says:

    erroer again

  4. hamsterjp says:

    Hey, how can you customize words? Like it’s says your views, but you have it say, “reasons” . That’s awesome! Show me plz!

  5. Mickey Borrero says:

    Nice website Tuck! You rock! Keep it up!

  6. sfcamster says:

    I joined your SW Commander squad!!

  7. portalnyancatguy says:

    make a origami version of you

  8. sfcamster says:

    Hello Pauseen! You’re invited to the Talkzone on Sunday, on my site! There’s no particular time. Hope to see you there!

  9. sfcamster says:

    Thank You Note: Thank you for always liking my posts. It means a ton. :)

  10. sfcamster says:

    Moochael commented earlier! Cool, huh?

  11. sfcamster says:

    Hey! You’ve been invited to the haiku fun! In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, please take a look at the post below. Thanks! :)

  12. sfcamster says:

    You’re invited to be a nominee for the 2016 Camster Origami Awards. Please use this link and enter if you’d like! Thanks! :)

  13. sfcamster says:

    Hey PauSeen! I’m working on the awards and I had a slightly humorous quick question. You nominated yourself for best visual artist and I scrolled down and this is what I found:

    :v I don’t want to be rude by simply putting this in the award video without your permission. You okay with it?

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