Ask Origami Yoda

Ask questions here, you may!



22 Responses to Ask Origami Yoda

  1. Purple Ninja says:

    Yoda, why are you amazingly AWESOME? :)

  2. ewr says:

    wow! how do you come up with this epic ness PauSeen?!

  3. alexm622 says:

    what origami character am i holding. st

  4. alexm622 says:

    can yoda visit my site and make a comment on any page at

  5. portalnyancatguy says:

    2 questions i have
    nyan cat you met?
    play portal you did?

  6. guillermo says:

    Origamiyoda, will i be a great super folder?

  7. Yoda, why do you talk like a weird***?

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