I have another debate today

I’m in science right now, just finished a test. Not supposed to have my phone out yet but whatever. I won’t be able to post it later anyway, my phone didn’t charge overnight.

Anyway, my speech is about the Food Stamp program. I am FOR a funding boost for the USDA and the program. The speech is alright, I wrote it yesterday and had my mom proof-listen to it. I made it to a minute 1/2 so I need to draw out the words and sentences more. If you guys want the speech just let me know and I’ll make another post with the attachment.

I played Unturned for 6 hours yesterday. I found a Washington server and I now own a shop on it. I’ll include the server name and IP and shit in a follow-up post as well if you want it.



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I'm bored ¯_(ツ)_/¯
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One Response to I have another debate today

  1. sfsonic12012 says:

    I want the speech I love debates, politics, etc. I tend to be open minded and am okay with hearing others opinions. Although I do agree with your opinion I wish some didn’t manipulate the program.

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