The Peaceful Transition of Power

Donald Trump in the new leader of the free world. We won most of the country. He took Florida as well. 100,000 vote difference. I know some of those people. There is no reason for this to have happened. We had a chance to smash the glass ceiling. Elect the first woman president. But no. We elected a racist, sexist, homophobic, asshole under enditment for fraud. He has no government experience. He has no politics experience. He’s a liar and a thief and there’s no reason he should be in control. Think what you want about Hillary but we just elected a rapist. We just elected the physical embodiment of everything this country has worked to destroy. So I would like to use a quote from… President Trump… to describe this. “How stupid is our country?”.

When you voted for Trump, and I know some of you did, you voted for the Russians, you voted for the KKK, and you voted for ideas we left behind in the 1960s.

Anyway, I hope you’re fucking happy with your stupid-ass decision.

I would be in Canada but he immigration server crashed.


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11 Responses to The Peaceful Transition of Power

  1. OY30 says:

    This is the only post that has made me laugh this day

  2. Tea says:

    I’m an asshole so here’s a list instead of a normal comment:
    1. The Nyan Cat background is triggering me
    2. I made a post on my thing that i made with the hat cat
    3. Y is there so much origami stuff if this site is about political rants ;D
    3. …not that I have anything to say about it, I’m infecting myself with YouTube trash ane internet cancers of various types
    4. Yeah there’s another 3, better point out an overused meme or two
    5. Do you enjoy this? Any of it?
    6. Why not Mexico? It’s pretty close too
    7. I think I’ve finally lost it
    8. …but I’ll probably find it tomorrow
    9. Why do people say so many things they don’t mean these days? It’s like nothing means anything anymore and any human attachments we once had are lost
    10. Everything is depressing once you have time to think about it
    11. …but time is evil anyway
    12. 13 is a lucky number
    13. I think i WILL make that site, once i get my bearings. It seems like wordpress is an outlet for my idiocy; not that it helps me or anything, but i could probably force it to
    14. No lucky lists for you though, we don’t deserve it. Please help, I just reminded myself of something I shouldn’t have tried to remember

    • 1: Sorry I didn’t get your comments, they ended up in the spam folder because WordPress is fucking stupid.
      2: I like lists.
      3: I didn’t realize there was background music, I thought it was just the GIF.
      4: I made this site for origami originally then I realized the world is shitty.
      5: I honestly don’t understand half of your comment to be honest. More than half at this rate.
      6: What did you remind yourself of?
      7: I don’t wanna think about depressing things though.
      8: Enjoy the election or writing the post? That would be a yes and a yes. First election I focused on. I just didn’t like the results.
      9: I’ve wanted to do the shrug with almost every sentence I write but I don’t have it copied on my computer :(.
      10: What about Mexico? All I really know about them is that they have mariachis and OY30. XD.
      11: I will get to 13.
      12: I promise it.
      Or maybe I won’t type the number. What’re you gonna do about it?
      14: Where did I say ‘appened?

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