Jews, iPhones, and a Third Thing

I started a new character on Skyrim yesterday. No, not the remaster. My computer would kill itself if it tried to run that. Anyway, his name is Shekelstein. Here he is, my amazing creation:

That nose is for sniffing out the gold. I need a Yamaca mod and a Shekel mod. I got him a horse that then fell to his death on a wander to Riften. I then sat in the Baneres Mare and mourned the loss of my 1000 Shekels. He’ll be back for free later.

You know what the best part of that paragraph is? My last name is Goldstein. My name is fucking Shekelstein and I didn’t even notice that until I made a big nosed, neckbeared, bald Imperial to fight a fire breathing Macho Man Randy Savage. Fucking Skyrim man, good shit.

Anyway. I got a new phone. None of my apps saved over so I’ve spent the last hour and a half trying to get you unappreciative fucks some content. (Just kidding I love you guys <3) It’s the iPhone 7. I spent the first half an hour or so continuing a conversation someone started on the display phones. I ended it after he said “WTF, I’m in the Sprint store.” So I just fuck that shit I’m out’d out of there. I don’t really miss the headphone jack that much, but like I said, I’ve only had it for like, 4 hours.

I uh, I have nothing else to say. Here’s a picture of my Snuggly baby :)


I’ll resume my “election” coverage tomorrow. Bye



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  1. 🍩 I thought you might need this

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