My Pokèmon Go Rant


You guys know Pokèmon Go, it’s the thing old white guys complain on Facebook about.

Well I guess there was A swear.

Anyway, there was an update while I was busy not caring and it changed the “nearby” system to “sighted”. First of all, that’s a lot less useful. Whatever, the second most recent update removed the steps under a Pokèmon. That bothers me because they HAD a system, it was just broken.  As someone who doesn’t understand how difficult it may be to fix that, fix your damn game. The point of this game was: “Hey lazy 20 year olds, get off your ass and go find the Abra at Walmart”. Now it’s: “Hey dingus, you missed the Abra at Walmart because enough people caught it to despawn it.” Which sounds more fun? Ninantic or whatever the company is, basically removed the game, because they didn’t feel like making it suck less. I, uh, I don’t see the point of this. I have nothing more to say than fix your shit Nintendo. Goodbye.


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2 Responses to My Pokèmon Go Rant

  1. darthvaper01 says:

    Actually there was sonewhat of a way with the old system

  2. dumcheese says:

    Update came out about 30 mins ago, made it a lot easier to find em

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