Oh my fucking god. This dick thinks that Obama has separated our country, what Hillary did was illegal, and that we can’t have immigrants from countries “compromised by terrorism” welp, that outlaws most accents. He thinks that imigrants are bad. Hey asshole, people are good. A wall is not buildable, making 11,000,000 deportations is damn near impossible. He won’t even same Hillary’s name. He had to practice saying LGBTQ. He just says LG-BT-Q. The way to stop all this terrorism shit is to get rid off the guns. I say that intentionally to piss people off and because I believe it. Tell you what, let’s have JJ Abrams stop making Star Wars and Star Trek until the guns are gone. This is bullshit. From now until the guns are gone, no movies. Even better, no games. See how fast the guns leave.

Another thing, he thinks he can just bring in Bernie supporters. Fuck you Drumpf. What the fuck is he even talking about. He went from trade agreements to some other shit. You cannot completely cut taxes, that’s how you pay for shit, like education and your fucking wall. A tax cut would drop thousands of jobs. He wants to lift energy restictions. There’s a reason why we have Solar Energy. People will die and he’ll just say: If we don’t restrict medicine as much then maybe kids will me okay. This douche canoe wants to repeal Obamacare, what about the millions of people who need it. He wants to “Rebuild our depleted military.” We have the biggest fucking military in the world.

Okay, I’m done. My brain hurts. My emotions hurt. Fuck my life. I wonder how internet is in the pillars of creation. (Spaaaaaaaaaace)


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4 Responses to The RNC

  1. OY30 says:

    Yeah man thanks for telling us

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