I got nominated for a thing

OY30 likes to make awards and 1-2 people have nominated me for this one. I’m gonna be a sarcastic little shit so if you’re looking for actual answers then too bad :).

It’s 3 questions and you have to post a meme you like, something like that anyway. You also have to include 8-13 nominations but I don’t know 8-13 people so…

Answer 1: Can said inanimate object talk back?

Answer 2: Mountains because I hate the beach. And I already live there. Ish.

Answer 3: I don’t read these things. Sorry :(.


The nomination came from (I think that’s how you spell it.)

Yeah. Done.


About PauSeen Phasefaller

I'm bored ¯_(ツ)_/¯
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3 Responses to I got nominated for a thing

  1. dumcheese says:

    Said inanimate object can talk back

  2. dumcheese says:

    And the nomination came from (i think thats how you spell it) xD

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