The most Vegetarian store

So I have been forced to leave my room and adventure the mall and the first store I was dragged to was a place called “Lush”. Oh god. The full title is “Lush: Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.” This wouldn’t be too bad but oh dear god the smell. My lungs can’t handle it! So I just sorta [Gets closer to mic] noped my way on out of there. Looking through the windows I see signs, on a chalkboard wallpaper that say thing like “Animal tests don’t give us safe chemicals. or give us safe products”, “All our products are vegetarian, & most are vegan too.”, “Give the gift of (Either ‘wish’ or ‘Lush’, I’m not sure…)” By the way, these are all quoted word for word, gramatical errors included. I’m reading all of these while choking on the scent of “Gorgeous butters, absolutes & and fresh fruits” Which are apparently used to “soften the skin” .-. Butter is for Pancakes and stuff. Oh yeah, remind me to not where all black there because as my stepsister has now learned, that’s the uniform for the employees :/. Damn humanity, being weird. 


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I'm bored ¯_(ツ)_/¯
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