I beat Papers Please!

Glory to Arstozka greatest country! I resisted all of the [Organization]’s attempts to get into my country and got an the achievement “Glory To Arstotzka”. That is probably one of my top 20 games because while usually slow paced, it does have its intense moments. (I love me a sharpshooter bonus). I’m not sure what the best ending to get is, but I assume it’s 20 out of 20. I got that one :D. Anyway, I highly recommend this game. At the moment it is $9.99 and only 5.3% of people who played it got the achievement for this ending. Anyway, I hope you get it and enjoy it because I certainly did!


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I'm bored ¯_(ツ)_/¯
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3 Responses to I beat Papers Please!

  1. darthvaper01 says:

    Was thinking of getting it but I chose undertake instead

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