As some of you know, FNAT 2 was released on Steam for $8 on Monday. If you didn’t, congrats! You learned something today!

Anyway, so just like last time but without help, I made FNAT doodle-gami! Just wait a few minutes so I can show you the origami, I want to tell you a story.

So, I bought the game Monday, I didn’t think it was out until next year but I was bored so I checked it out. I watched the trailer and it’s a lot creepier with sound. You can’t get any creepier than little kids singing babyish songs slowly… Moving on, I noticed the “Buy” button and I remembered that mom owed me $5 so I got three and I got the game.

Night one; Attempt one: Casual, Casual. Ooh! Phone guy’s back! Wow, 2AM and he just finished talking, well, better that the 4AM situation of Night one mobile. I notice a little blinking light on the bottom of my screen. Well crap, it’s my cameras. I open them up and I see the same thing next to one of the monitors. I check it out and look around with the flashlight. Something’s off but I don’t know what. Meh, let’s check Bonnie and the others. Well I’m gonna die. All three are gone. Bonnie’s in the main hall looking weird. I can’t find Freddy or Bonnie. Oh there’s bonnie, right air vent. I close my cameras and put on the mask. A few seconds later, Bonnie is in my right eye. He moves left and I think he’s gone so I take off the mask. Okay, flashlight on in the office, Freddy’s right in front of me in the corridor. Mask back on, he and Bonnie are both gone a second later. Good, 5AM as I take off the mask. I check my cameras again, Freddy’s back in one of the party rooms. Chica’s gone so I go back to the flashing monitor from before but as I do, the whole system goes dark. Surprised, I quickly get out of the cameras but as I do, BONNIE is all up in my grill screaming in my face, maybe that was me screaming. I don’t know. GAME OVER.

Night one; Attempt two. So stressed this time. Using my flashlight battery like crazy. I did some research and I found out that there are two animatronics that are completely new, the old ones that are completely broken, and the new old ones. Checking my cameras, wasting power. The light was flashing but I didn’t notice so I check the room with the light. This time I know what’s wrong, the Marionette is out of his box… Forget him, check Parts and Service! Nothing new, just broken stuff. I check on Bonnie, Chica, and Freddy. They’re still there minus Bonnie. He’s in Party Room 4 so I’m gonna leave him alone. Maybe I’ll be okay. It’s about 4AM now so I leave the cameras. SCREAM! Hello Marionette! I almost fell out of my chair. I quickly jump out of the chair and run to my mom. ” IF YOU LOVE ME YOU WILL NEVER EVER TAKE ME TO CHUCK-E-CHEESE!”

Night one; Attempts 3-5. I chickened out at 4.

Yeah. I hope I made you guys laugh with these because I really had fun writing this. Anyway, here’s the origami!


Balloon Boy. Yeah, he moves…

The Marionette. I wanna go to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzaria and beat the $&@” out of him…

Bonnie 2.0. You know, the punk who killed me on my first try.

Broken Bonnie 1.0. I hear he looks like a stalker when he attacks.

Chica 2.0. Did you know that she takes off her beak when she attacks because she doesn’t have the jaw opening capability of Chica 1.0?

I aparentlly Chica lost her eyelids…

Yeah, this punk hangs from the corridor ceiling. Foxy 2.0 everyone…


You know I haven’t quite found Foxy 1.0 yet.

Look at Freddy 2.0’s smug little face.

I’ll be honest, I kind of like Freddy 1.0’s eyebrowns.

Obviously I don’t have my friend’s artist skills but I really like how these turned out.

So as I was writing this post I thought “Hmm, I have a YouTube and FNAT 2. PewDiePie got started with horror games too. Why not try that?” Good idea bad idea. Also, I need a good recording software if anyone knows a really good one. So let me know in the comments.

Also, the other day was the best in MONTHS with 46 views. Probably because I put all the display phones at Target on my site.

I should have some more posts soon or I would at least like too. Anyway, thank you for reading and visiting even when there’s nothing to look at. ;)

Freddy 1.0. Sorry, the WordPress app is annoying.


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  1. TheDarkKnight says:

    You do know, there is a real “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza” in real live? If you think I’m lieing, go to Google Maps, and enter ” Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza ” .

  2. spiderpig2099 says:

    These are cool origami.Can you make golden Bonnie

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