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Hey guys! This is K! I watched Big Hero Six on Friday when it came out, and by a landslide this is the best animated movie I have ever seen! Might be the best movie I’ve ever seen. The commercials make it seem like it is made for young children, but it is not made for young children. Anyway, natuarally, I had to make an origami Bamax!  The picture of bamax without arms shows whats actually folded without cuts or extra paper… the arms were aded to make him look cute/acurate/cubby! Here he is!

Click To veiw Gallery. Repost if you aprove of Bamax.

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I'm bored ¯_(ツ)_/¯
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One Response to BAYMAX!!!

  1. K Origami says:

    Thank you and yes he his.

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