The Post of all Over the Place!

Sorry I haven’t been posting too much. I’ve been watching YouTube, playing Minecraft, playing the Sims, pretty much anything 12 year olds can use as an excuse. Here’s a picture of me and my dog on the Sims.

I finally got some decent pictures of one of the iguanas behind my classroom.


I named him Gaylord Nelson the third. We found a baby Iguana the other day. In a poll between Gaylord Nelson the fourth and Sunday Junior, Sunday Junior one. :/ I would put a poll but I’m on the bus using my phone.

I like cheese.
I don’t like Cheeseburgers.

I like fish.
I don’t like fish tacos.

I have done some origami lately but I lost all my Kami the other day. (Kami-Noun= KA-mi traditional Japanese Origami Paper. Colored on one side, blank on the other.)

I am going to do a Christmas Advent Calender. I do need someone to remind me if that’s before or after the holiday though. I forgot but I think it’s before.

Should I ask my parents to sacrifice $60 a year to the gods of WordPress so I can get the Videopress or not? If not… I don’t know.


I would like to file a missing bird report.

Name: Ross. Species: Green Heron. This bird has been known to eat shrimp, Salmon, and other fish out of people’s hands.

I MIGHT be getting a Bearded Dragon. If any of you have one, what are some tips on taking care of them? I MUST KNOW!

Since my factions base got destroyed on Powercraft ( I am building a new one. Underground! 40 blocks below sea level. 4 rooms, three are bedrooms with other purposes, and one is the main room. I’ll post pictures when I can.

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This is me and my dog on Sims. I messed up when I made the post :/


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I'm bored ¯_(ツ)_/¯
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One Response to The Post of all Over the Place!

  1. And it turns out this is my Personal 200th post! Yayayaysyayayaysysy!

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