My Dad’s MC house in PE

It’s his first one! He just got computer MC as well.



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I'm bored ¯_(ツ)_/¯
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12 Responses to My Dad’s MC house in PE

  1. SF Xavier says:

    Hey pauseen, when you did a hundred cover yodas, how did you fould them? Did you make the five fold yoda but the deluxe version with folded eyes, or the way tom made it?

  2. SF Xavier says:

    It still doesnt say if you did a hundred “Deluxe” “Cover” as some people call it yodas, or the REAL COVER YODA! The same way tom angleberger made his.

  3. SF Xavier says:

    YES! So I will be the first one ever to make 100 REAL COVER YODA’S YES!

  4. I hate PE, but I love PC (on a mac)


  6. Did you create a wikia article about your clone wars adventures character? I saw the dr who quote by the way. Your skin is next. You’re going to be a PAU’an

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