To Talkzone or not to Talkzone

Copied this from OY

Ok, SFs…. I have HAD it!
I am sick of the arguing, the finger-pointing and the constant breaking of rules. Anyone that wants to tell me “nothing is wrong” needs to look at the endless arguments on the Report to Sam page. A few of you have driven Sam crazy and now me, too. You’ve also driven away other SFs.
But at the same time I know that most of you are not the problem here. And I really love it when you guys are chatting and having fun.
So, I’m willing to give it one last chance.
BUT… this is your LAST chance. People who screw this up will be banned and if there’s too much trouble, then the whole concept of SF TalkZones is done. No more chances. This is it!
ps I think we have to admit that the Peacekeepers have not helped the situation. Can you guys just go back to commenting normally? Thank you for trying, though.
PPS – I have instructed Sam to start suspending SF accounts as needed. This includes: people who post plaguerized origami, people who role play in the comments, people who post song lyrics or videos, people who start arguments or add to arguments.
If this means we end up with only a few really well-behaved SFs, then fine! The rest of you can go argue somewhere else!

I never seen Tom so angry before! Those of you who acted up, and and I don’t think it’s anyone here, should better step off and act better!


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I'm bored ¯_(ツ)_/¯
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