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So today I checked in with People to People and sat at a table for the rest if the day. Basically just orientation. My roommates seem nice, I guess. Anyway, not gonna keep you up any more. Good night everyone! … Continue reading

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On the Road Again

Driving to D.C. today. I hope I’ll get 3G on the way there so I can post the Fan Mail I’m sending to DanTDM. (The Diamond Minecart) Nerdy and proud.

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Who would win?

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How to Train your Dragon

Watching HTTYD 2 soon, I’ll edit the post with how good it was later! UPDATE! The movie was awesome! Some awesome yet sad plot twists though. The dragons got even cooler!

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Having a party at my grandma’s house for my family’s birthdays today. I feel like Remy from Rattattoie, probably because I never cook that much. I feel so accomplished for cutting bread. :/ Anyway, join to DC soon for a … Continue reading

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Central Park!

I’m in the Central Park Zoo for some time today. Having a great time so far! I’m sorry I haven’t gotten your picture done yet Dark Palkia. Bye!

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The bobaish dictionary!

The bobaish dictionary!.   By Firk!

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